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Therapeutic Fusion Massage

This massage is an integrated therapies/modalities massage. Choose this session if you're looking for deep pressure. If adding sports, trigger point, cupping, heat, stretches or positional release techniques would help you and you're comfortable with advanced massage modalities, then I will customize the session to fit your needs at no additional cost, its all included in this customized session. Call for Pricing

Hot Stone Massage

This massage is incredibly relaxing. Choose this session if you are looking for Swedish or relaxation massage. Warm stones are used to massage the body. This massage is not painful. The stones are never left/placed on your skin but used to massage the muscle. Call for pricing

Prenatal Massage

If you're expecting and need a massage, no matter how far along you're into your pregnancy, I can help. Most prenatal massage is done with the client lying on their side. I do not use this technique. I have a different routine and provide special bolsters that allow you to experience a full body massage. The massage starts with you wearing a wrap and in semi reclined position, with a wedge bolster to prop you up. This protects the vena cava and still allow for scalp, neck, arms and the front of the legs to be massaged. Midway through your session I will have you stand up, instead of roll over. The bolster is then switched, for a face down experience that expectant mothers really love! Call for pricing

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